A provocative and persuasive series of interviews and discussions on the topic
of developing and expanding “Abundance Multipliers” in the 21st century global economy.


A provocative and persuasive series of interviews and discussions on the topic
of developing and expanding “Abundance Multipliers” in the 21st century global economy.


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How to Boost Productivity with Free Days (Part 2 of 2) | Dan Sullivan and Joe Polish

March 21, 2017


How to Boost Productivity with Free Days (Part 2 of 2) | Dan Sullivan and Joe Polish

In this Episode of 10XTalk, part 2 of a 2-part series, you’ll Discover How to Boost Productivity with Free Days wi®`0th Dan Sullivan and Joe Polish.

Here’s a glance at what you’ll learn from Dan and Joe in this episode:

  • Feel overwhelmed? Overworked? Out of control? Here’s how to feel calmer and think more clearly when circumstances feel chaotic.
  • Dan shares his strategy for finding and attracting alert, curious, resourceful, and responsive team members.
  • Where real greatness comes from in any field of activity.
  • How to master your time and experience more entrepreneurial freedom.
  • Making People Irreplaceable: The counterintuitive way to build a team of stars.
  • Creating a bigger and better entrepreneurial game you can win.

Show Notes

    • Joe: Can you talk about the idea of overwhelm, and this whole notion of being caught up? Dealing with email is a big problem for a lot of entrepreneurs with personality brands who also feel like they have to respond constantly on email and social media.
    • Dan: The funny thing is that we put these expectations on ourselves. The weird thing is you make up a game for yourself and then you complain about what other people are doing to you.
    • Joe: That’s such a great point. Their brains want that, right? There’s something there. I know enough about the addict mind to know that it doesn’t seek harmony, it seeks chaos.
    • Joe: If entrepreneurs come to us at Genius Network totally overwhelmed, out of control, we send people over to Strategic Coach because we know you’re going to fix them and they’ll come back to us a better client and vice versa.
    • Dan: On the subject of being overwhelmed… as computers took over more areas of our life, the speed of everything else increased.
    • Dan: “There’s a whole social milieu that has actually grown up around the speed of communications. Our minds aren’t geared to it.”
    • Dan: People think they can trick their brain into multitasking, but the casualty is attention.
    • Einstein spoke to this in his speech accepting the Nobel prize for his theory of relativity. He cited that this idea of relativity was not new or uniquely his, he was just the first person to focus on it so intensely for ten years, and to explain it simply in a way that most people could understand.
    • Dan: When I look at greatness in any field of activity, I see the one condition that seems to accompany greatness is this long ability to concentrate without being interrupted with a lot of distractions.
    • I think that our modern way of life works against greatness.
    • Joe: What does it look like for overwhelmed entrepreneurs to take the concept of free days and delegation on. How do they start, how do they gain mastery in this area?
    • Dan: One of the central drives for entrepreneurism is freedom of time. There are four types of freedom:
    • Freedom of money
    • Freedom of relationship
    • Freedom of purpose
    • Freedom of time
    • Dan and Babs can delegate because they have a great team of 120 people in Strategic Coach. Of these, 70 have been with them more than 10 years.
    • Find people, good people when you’re not lookingBabs and Dan give their staff massive amounts of responsibility and decision-making freedom.
    • They know it’s time to delegate when they don’t want to do something anymore
    • Allow staff to step up and become heroes
    • Staff won’t volunteer for something they aren’t good at
    • Joe: If you are an entrepreneur who makes $100,000 or more, I highly recommend you check out Strategic Coach. It is really built around teaching people how to have an enjoyable life, and how to protect their confidence and their attention and how to build your capabilities.
    • Dan: How did it work for you Joe, getting to the point where you can take 100 free days a year?
    • Joe: It was really hard at first. It took a long time. I just stuck with it.
    • One suggestion is to transition into it. Don’t come to a dead stop.
    • If your work days are very busy and structured, fill your free day with fun non-work activities.
    • There’s a great example from the sports world.
    • Roger Bannister was the first man to break a four-minute mile.
    • What finally enabled him to do it, was taking his coach’s advice to rest before the race.
    • His body knew what to do. He had to just release it from over-training.
    • Dan: What a lot of people don’t realize, is that by taking more time off, your level of attention and functionality doubles, triples, goes up by ten times.




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About Dan Sullivan:

Dan Sullivan is the co-founder of Strategic Coach, author of over 30 publications, a visionary, innovator, and gifted conceptual thinker, Dan has over 35 years’ experience as a highly regarded speaker, consultant, strategic planner, and coach to entrepreneurial individuals and groups.



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