A provocative and persuasive series of interviews and discussions on the topic
of developing and expanding “Abundance Multipliers” in the 21st century global economy.


A provocative and persuasive series of interviews and discussions on the topic
of developing and expanding “Abundance Multipliers” in the 21st century global economy.


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Turning Your Past into Fuel: Unlocking a Brighter Future at CoachCon with Dan Sullivan and Joe Polish

March 22, 2024


Turning Your Past into Fuel: Unlocking a Brighter Future at CoachCon with Dan Sullivan and Joe Polish

Episode Summary

Unlock transformative insights on overcoming adversity, personal responsibility, and building trust in life and business.

Here’s a glance at what you’ll discover from Dan and Joe in this episode:

  • Overcoming adversity: The transformative power of taking full responsibility for your life
  • Journaling: A tool for clarity and goal setting that changed Dan’s life
  • Building trust and intimacy: The story of Dan and Babs.
  • Financial transparency: How open book management fosters resilience
  • Preparation as the best prediction: An antidote to anxiety.
  • Strategic alliances and collaborations: Keys to mutual benefit
  • Cultivating alignment: Shared values and energy
  • Previewing CoachCon: Insights from top speakers
  • Effective team dynamics: Navigating decisions with autonomy
  • Leveraging pain for transformation and success

Show Notes

Background Story: Dan shares a personal story from the late 1970s when his life hit a low point with divorce and bankruptcy on the same day. He emphasizes the importance of taking 100% responsibility for one’s situation to move past it.

Journaling for Clarity: Dan adopted a daily journaling habit for 25 years, writing about his desires and goals, which significantly impacted his mindset.

Addiction and Desire: Joe draws parallels between addiction and desire, discussing the impact of desires that aren’t beneficial. Dan reflects on his experience with Adderall and the realization of its effects on his natural sleep patterns.

Meeting Babs and Creating Alignment: Dan shares how meeting his partner Babs transformed his life and business. They emphasize the importance of mutual trust, teamwork, and intimacy in their relationship. Dan highlights the need for open communication and alignment in both personal and business endeavors.

Financial Management and Open Book Policy: Dan discusses their company’s approach to financial management, including open book management and transparency. They reflect on the resilience of their business during economic downturns and the importance of sound financial practices.

Weathering the Storm: Joe shares the analogy of firewood to illustrate the importance of preparation for future success. Preparation is likened to keeping the firewood stocked to ensure continued warmth and sustenance. The discussion touches on the analogy’s relevance to financial planning and the necessity of foresight in ensuring stability and growth.

Preparation as the Best Prediction: The hosts introduce the concept of “Preparation is the Best Prediction” as a new book title. Contrary to popular belief, predicting the future is viewed as an uncertain endeavor. The discussion emphasizes the importance of preparation as an antidote to anxiety and a key determinant of future outcomes.

Strategic Alliances and Collaboration: The hosts discuss their collaborative efforts between Genius Network and Strategic Coach. Rather than traditional partnerships, they focus on collaborations that mutually benefit both parties. The conversation highlights the value of aligning with individuals and organizations that share similar values and visions for the future.

Cultivating Alignment: Joe and Dan emphasize the importance of aligning with individuals who already share similar values and goals. Qualitative measures, such as energy levels and shared values, play a significant role in determining alignment. The discussion delves into the need for individuals to have a “big future” and avoid dependence on others for their success.

Transformational Events: The hosts discuss an upcoming event, CoachCon, featuring prominent speakers and thought leaders. Speakers include Kathy Ireland, Andre Norman, Chris Voss, and others, offering insights into negotiation, personal branding, and team building. The event aims to provide attendees with practical strategies for achieving personal and professional growth.

Team Dynamics and Decision Making: Joe and Dan highlight the importance of informed decision-making within teams. Team members should understand the organization’s values and decision-making criteria to effectively protect and represent its interests. Dan emphasizes the autonomy and competency of his team in planning and executing events like CoachCon.

Final Thoughts: Joe and Dan wrap up their discussion, highlighting the transformative power of pain and the importance of personal and professional alignment for success. Joe and Dan’s conversation offers valuable insights into leveraging personal challenges for growth and success, emphasizing the significance of alignment, trust, and financial management in both personal and professional life. Their candid discussion provides listeners with practical strategies for overcoming obstacles and achieving their goals.




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