A provocative and persuasive series of interviews and discussions on the topic
of developing and expanding “Abundance Multipliers” in the 21st century global economy.


A provocative and persuasive series of interviews and discussions on the topic
of developing and expanding “Abundance Multipliers” in the 21st century global economy.


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When Life Works | Joe Polish and Dan Sullivan

May 31, 2017


When Life Works | Joe Polish and Dan Sullivan

Have you thought about how your life works when you’re at your best?  And what if you could have a system or a process to duplicate that regularly?  In this Episode of 10XTalk, you’ll discover how to create a “When Life Works” List so you can make the most important parts of your life bigger and better, what happy people do differently than most, and more with Dan Sullivan and Joe Polish.

Here’s a glance at what you’ll learn in this episode:

  • How to put together your “When Life Works” list so you can make the most important parts of your life 10x bigger and better
  • Dan and Joe discuss what they have learned from Sean Stephenson
  • What happy, successful people do differently than most other people
  • Dan talks about the origin of a Strategic Coach mindset tool called “The Experience Transformer”
  • How to set up your life in a way that gives you more advantage and a business that works
  • One simple technique you can use to more easily make progress towards any goal

Show Notes

  • Joe’s introduction of Kolbe and being a Quick Start  0:46
  • Dan Sullivan’s explanation of what Kathy Kolbe’s Profiling System does, and what it means to be a high Quick Start 1:21
  • About Sean Stephenson and his application of the “When Life Works” philosophy 2:45
  • The cure to insecurity is self-care, you crave what you give yourself most 4:27
  • Joe shares Sean’s categories for When Life Works: health, wealth, and relationships  5:23
  • When Business Works, what has to be true in order for you to achieve momentum? 5:59
  • It doesn’t matter what the list is…the bigger conversation is Life either works, or doesn’t work … Business either works, or doesn’t work 6:36
  • Life consists of two things: things that work, and things that don’t work 6:59
  • Happiness and success by no means are accidental… how utilizing mindset and habits can make you happier and more successful 7:45
  • How asking better questions can deliver better stories and experiences 8:48
  • The big difference between being really smart and acquiring wisdom 9:50
  • Dan shares about the value of wisdom, and how Sean made a conscious decision to grow despite obstacles 10:00   
  • Sean Stephenson gives a Ten Minute Talk ® The Cure to Insecurity  11:23
  • Dan’s Notion of Free Days 12:00
  • You can’t attend to work very well in a stressed and overwhelmed state, why free days are a game changer 12:49
  • Dan explains the origin of The Experience Transformer, how you can transform any experience into a positive and useful lesson 13:32
  • Using The Experience Transformer to remove emotion from any situation, by implementing muscle and mindset building 13:59
  • The transformation process of taking a negative experience and gaining a positive valuable experience 14:23
  • If you fill your life with really bad things, then you will crave them… you will fall in love with anything that you give value to 16:59
  • Sugar is a great example, people fall in love with sugar; the most addictive drug on the planet
  • John Mackey, when he came and spoke at Genius Network. He said, “Everybody talks about all the addictive drugs.” He said, “Let’s start with the number one most addictive drug on the planet.” 17:18
  • Dan encompasses that the good things in his life were those in which he gave value to 18:03
  • What are you giving value to? 18:27
  • Who you are at 30 could just be a result of how you were raised, and what kind of support you had, but at 40, and if you’re an individual at 40, you created that individual 18:36
  • Addiction is actually not a problem… It is a solution. It is a solution to pain 21:22
  • If you tell someone, “Just say no.” It’s like saying no to breathing, because in their minds, they need that thing, because it is a pain reliever 21:54
  • You want to set things up that give you an advantage, you’ll actually create what you call an unfair advantage 23:36
  • The fundamentals of what Dan Sullivan teaches 23:55
  • You have to have a tangible physical change in your life. You have to change something on the outside, before you can start changing things on the inside 25:50
  • The key is to start change with physical action. Commit yourself to the actual physical action, not any result of the action 26:39
  • Start incredibly small, and it’s gotta be physical 27:19
  • Joe Polish shares the implementation of burpees, after an interview with Joe De Sena 27:45
  • Movement does something for your brain 29:35
  • The first thing you can definitely shift is, do a different physical activity, and be in a different circumstance, and I think that introduces an opening, where you can get something positive started 30:09

Sean Stephenson 10 Minute Talk: The Cure to Insecurity:

  • Sean reveals his simple system for eliminating your insecurities
  • What successful people do increase their self-confidence
  • If you ever feel scared or afraid, do THIS…
  • 2 of the most important lists you can make in your business and life


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